• 5 Staple Summer Accessories from Fado Made

    5 Staple Summer Accessories from Fado Made

    Ah, summer—we eagerly wait for it all year round. It’s a time for embracing light layers and vibrant colors, wearing effortless sun dresses and sandals, and enduring the inevitable and unavoidable element of sweat. Despite the sweltering heat and sometimes suffocating humidity, my love of summer has never wavered. I love the outdoor activities that…

  • Zip for Your Trip

    Zip for Your Trip

    I pack a lot whenever I travel. It does not matter the destination, duration, or season, I like to be prepared. My husband will tell you that I overpack, and even though I would rather not, I cannot help but agree. I am the type of packer who brings ten pairs of underwear and too…

  • Snakes for Your Waist

    Snakes for Your Waist

    If you are like me, you probably do not like snakes. They are unpredictable and downright creepy in my opinion. On the other hand, though, I find them fascinating, especially from a design aspect. If you feel similarly, why not stand up to the slithery creatures and empower yourself by wearing painted snakes around your…

  • Spring Renewal

    Spring Renewal

    Long time no see! Or in this case, no write. The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions, energy, and commitments, but nonetheless, I’m still here. Since I last updated my blog, I have gone home to Connecticut, caught up on custom orders, been interviewed by a Knoxville online magazine and appeared…

  • Custom Plus Some

    Custom Plus Some

    More on the ins and outs of placing custom orders with Fado Made.

  • Full-time with a Full Brain

    Full-time with a Full Brain

    I. Am. Tired.* The first time I set out to write this post, I was sitting on my couch, wrapped in a blanket, trying not to fall asleep. Though cozy, the cocoon I put myself in did not help as I got writer’s block, so I stopped writing and went for a walk with my…

  • Cross Your Heart

    Cross Your Heart

    How our Cross Your Heart Bag design came to be.Photo: a still from a video by Mathew Greenfeld

  • The Mini Pocket Wallet

    The Mini Pocket Wallet

    An introduction for the newest addition to the online shop, the Mini Pocket Wallet.

  • The Brittany Clutch

    The Brittany Clutch

    They say good things come in threes, and these clutches are no exception! Read to learn more about The Brittany Clutch. Check out the new online store to purchase!

  • How it Started

    How it Started

    A summary of how I got into making leather goods.Photo: Me, 2011, in my dorm room with one of the first shoes I ever made