vegetable tanned leather care

Vegetable-tanned leather has a greater level of porosity, which allows it to age naturally and acquire a unique character over time. As you use your vegetable-tanned leather items regularly and expose them to sunlight, and the natural oils from your skin, they will gradually darken and develop a beautiful patina, which is the gradual sheen and charm that appears on the surface of leather products. To slow this process, we recommend storing your leather accessory in its provided canvas dust bag or any paper bag when it’s not in use.

In case of any stains, you can use a small amount of mild facial soap or baby shampoo mixed with water and applied using a clean cloth to effectively clean the leather.

To condition your leather, you can use leather wax or oil, found most likely in your local store in either the cleaning or shoe section.

Your Fado Made accessory is likely lined with vegetable-tanned leather unless it is lined with fabric.

chrome-tanned leather care

When it comes to caring for chrome-tanned leather, a simple approach is to take a clean, damp cloth and gently rub the affected area. If the stains are persistent, you can use leather cleaning wipes, which are readily available in most stores, particularly in the cleaning or shoe sections.

Chrome-tanned leather rarely needs to be treated, but a light amount of leather wax is great to keep the hide soft and pliable if needed.

recommended storage tips

We provide a free canvas dust bag with each purchase to elevate your experience with us. We strongly recommend that you store your leather goods in these dust bags when you are not using them. This practice will not only protect them from dust accumulation but also help prevent premature aging, especially for vegetable-tanned leather items.

If you do not have a dust bag available, you can use a canvas tote bag or a simple paper bag as an alternative.

Remember to store your accessories in a low-light environment with controlled humidity for optimal preservation.