hand-stitched with good intentions

leather that weathers a smile

Fado Made is a one-woman-owned business dedicated to delivering high-quality, unique, hand-stitched, leather goods & fashion accessories.

I invite you to experience the whimsy of Fado Made, where dream accessories become a reality! Just as Fado Made has brought my dreams to life, l’d love for you to allow me to infuse the same magic into your wardrobe!

Fado Made firmly believes in the transformative power of accessories to elevate any outfit. Our collection of handbags exudes a seamless blend of structure, sleekness, and sophistication, paying homage to the timeless box bag purse introduced in the 1930s. By combining retro aesthetics with contemporary shapes, patterns, and design elements, Fado Made accessories effortlessly marry vintage charm with a modern twist.

Best way to recognize a Fado Made Accessory in the wild? Spy the signature hand-stitching.

Of Many Colors

In coordination with Rhinestone Fest in the Old City, RED Gallery presents a collaborative exhibit of textiles, leather goods and paintings featuring the work of reclaim, Fado Made and katemade.co. This exhibition highlights recent runway pieces that blend tradition and creativity across various mediums.

Red Gallery Exhibition In Collaboration with Kate Made Goods & Reclaim creative

Of Many Colors, a collaborative exhibit of textiles, leather goods and paintings features the work of reclaim., Fado Made and Katemade.co. This exhibition highlights recent runway pieces that blend Appalachian tradition and creativity across various mediums.

vintage styles + quality construction

design your own leather legacy

meet the founder

& I’d love to tell you a little about my woman-owned company, Fado Made Co.

Firstly, you may be wondering about the origin of the name “Fado”. While I have been frequently asked if my name is related to the Portuguese genre of music and dance, Fado is my middle name and it comes from my maternal side of the family, who are originally from Reggio Calabria, Italy. With a unique name, I have set out to offer a unique choice for fashionable leather accessories.

Fado Made firmly believes in the transformative power of accessories to elevate any outfit. We want to give a voice to those who may struggle to express themselves verbally while hand-crafting small batches of slowly and sustainably made leather goods. Our accessories are hand-stitched with love and good intentions and never mass-produced.

Fado Made Co. handbags and all styles exude a seamless blend of structure, sleekness, and sophistication, paying homage to the timeless box bag purse introduced in the 1930s. We strive to blend classic vintage aesthetics with newer contemporary shapes and design elements to create high-quality accessories that exude a timeless appeal with a modern twist. How do you know it’s a Fado Made Co. accessory? By our signature hand-stitching.


When I was a child, I was always shy and anxious. I tended to keep to myself and found solace in coloring books and using my imagination. To express myself, I took art classes, loved putting outfits together, and danced for 20 years— it was no surprise that I wanted to pursue a creative career.

At the age of 14, my passion for fashion grew and I began designing clothes and learning to knit. I sold hats and scarves under the name Knits by Fado to friends, family, and local markets near my hometown of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

After high school, I attended the Footwear and Accessories Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where I learned about the art of leatherworking, how to design fashion accessories, and price my designs, while crafting belts, handbags, and shoes.

After college, I then combined my knitwear expertise with my newfound knowledge of leatherwork to turn Knits by Fado into Fado Creations. While growing my business, I also worked part-time jobs and obtained a 200-hour certification as a yoga teacher.

In 2016, an exciting job opportunity led my husband and me to relocate to Knoxville, Tennessee. My primary goal was to transition Fado Creations from New England to the South. However, after a year of navigating through challenges, homesickness, and various trials, I made the difficult decision to temporarily set aside my accessories business. Instead, I taught yoga full-time, prioritized my mental well-being, expanded my social circle, and established myself in this new environment until…


In 2020, I was eager for a fresh start and transformed Fado Creations into Fado Made Co.

With this new beginning, I set out on a mission to deliver tailor-made, expertly crafted leather products that exude a timeless vintage charm.

I like to describe Fado Made accessories as fun, whimsical, and dreamy with a luxurious edge. We offer graphic keychains, durable wallets, comfortable hair accessories, and multiple styles of handbags. Every Fado Made Co. accessory is hand-stitched with love and good intentions, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and an extremely close attention to detail. We strive to offer customers unique leather accessories that you won’t find anywhere else, influenced by vintage design and color.

quality questions for quality goods

how do I place a custom order?

To place a custom order, please click here. You will be brought to a form for you to fill out with a description of what you are looking for.

what materials do you use?
We source all of our leathers from American-based companies and all leather we use is cowhide, even the accessories that give the appearance of another animal. In a Fado Made accessory, you will find vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned hides plus leather cord, plus various other materials based on the product. A full description of all of the materials we use can be found here

Do you make vegan-friendly/leather-free accessories?

Upon special request, we are happy to accommodate your wishes to bring your dream accessories to life. If a non-leather accessory is what you want, please let us know by filling out a Custom Order Form, specifying it as a “leather-free accessory”.

Can you repair a non-Fado Made leather good?

Certainly! We’d be delighted to assist you with repairing your leather products. To get started, kindly reach out to us via email at jamie@fadomadeco.com. Please include at least one photo of the item in need of repair and describe your needs as thoroughly as possible.

With this information, we can promptly provide you with a cost estimate and make arrangements for either shipping or item pickup. You will be responsible for shipping costs both to and from our studio.

How do I care for my leather accessories?

For a full breakdown of how to care for your Fado Made Co. accessory, please refer to our Fado Care guide on our website.

Where can I buy Fado Made products in person?

A list of our current retailers can be found here.

If you are a retailer and would like to carry Fado Made Co. in your store, please check out our wholesale/consignment options here.

How long will it take for me to receive my custom order?

Though it may vary depending on what you order, most custom orders will take about 4-6 weeks to ship once your design and materials have been set and your deposit is received.

If you need your order sooner, you can ask for rush delivery for an extra charge.

What does ‘Fado’ mean?

Pronounced, “fay-doh”, Jamie, the founder of our company, has the middle name Fado, which comes from her maternal side of the family. The Fado family originated in Reggio Calabria, Italy, and Jamie’s great-great-grandfather, John, immigrated to the United States around 1900 and settled in Greenwich, CT, where Jamie is originally from.

For Jamie, the name Fado holds sentimental value because of its uniqueness as a middle name, as well as the connection it bears to her family; especially her grandparents, John III and Dolores Fado, who always showed her an immense amount of love and support, and taught her to appreciate the value of quality in everything.

Do you offer repairs on Fado Made products?

Absolutely! At Fado Made, we stand behind the quality of our accessories and offer a lifetime guarantee. This means that all repairs for our products are free of charge. However, we kindly request that you cover the shipping costs for sending your accessory to and from our studio.

To request a repair, please email us at jamie@fadomadeco.com. You will be contacted within 48 hours and given further instructions.

core values with good intentions….

I. We strive to help you express your unique style without saying a word through accessories.

II. Quality accessories should last a lifetime – with a chance to be passed down to future generations.

III. We aspire to put the “fun” in functional, as your accessories are made for a purpose of carrying or wearing, but also playful!