Heart-Shaped Accessories to Show Your Love

Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s or Palentine’s, however you like to celebrate) is quickly approaching, and with that comes the opportunity to get your sweetheart a special gift to show your love in material form. If you are fresh out of ideas, may we suggest one of our handful of heart-shaped accessories? Fado Made offers three items that quickly became client favorites over the last year. Our Heart Keychains, Sweetheart Wristlet, and Sweet Tart Bag have all captured hearts as bold, unique, and whimsical accessories for the fashion-forward customer.

To begin, let’s talk about our Heart Keychains, which are currently offered in three colors: light pink, hot pink, and metallic rose gold. The light and hot pink options are made from Saffiano leather, first developed in Italy. Saffiano Leather is crafted from premium calfskin and is known for its superior quality. Its name is derived from the distinctive cross-hatch print created by pressing it into wax, resulting in a water-resistant finish. This sought-after material is commonly used in luxury accessories due to its durability and elegant appeal. The third option, metallic rose gold, comes in another textured leather, a finish much like cobra skin. Like all Fado Made Co. products, these charming keychains are meticulously assembled and adorned with vibrant leather cord, hand-stitched in our East Tennessee studio. In any color or finish, our Heart Keychains are a subtle yet cute way to show that special someone that you love them, whether it’s for your best friend, significant other, crush, or family member.

You can find our Heart Keychains here for $16 each.

Now for the Sweetheart Wristlet. A sweet addition to your accessories collection that we promise won’t be like anything else you own. The Sweetheart clutch is exclusively offered through custom order at this time, allowing you the flexibility to personalize its colors according to your preferences. Though a smaller clutch, the Sweetheart packs a big punch from its style and individuality. It’s the perfect handbag to use on a night when your phone does not need to be on you constantly, and your essentials for the day or night include a small wallet, lipstick, and your keys. In addition, the Sweetheart also makes a great supplement clutch that you can use either inside a larger handbag or looped through your belt as a statement piece.

While our immediate stock of Sweethearts is sold out, placing an order now ensures delivery by February 14th! Choose your zipper color, heart color, and color of the top and bottom gusset of the bag. The Sweetheart is a partially-strip constructed accessory, meaning its front and back (the hearts) are stiff from a piece of thick chipboard cut in a heart shape sandwiched between the lining (vegetable-tanned leather) and the exterior (top-grain cowhide) in the color of your choosing. The zipper top is sewn into the lining and the bottom follows the shape of the heart. Hand-stitched with leather color again in the color of your choice, The Sweetheart Wristlet can accompany you to a wedding, night out, or any day where you want to carry love around.

After placing your order for a custom Sweetheart Wristlet, our team will contact you via email. We will provide instructions to help you choose the desired colors and materials. Throughout the process, you will receive updates on your order status and be notified once it has been shipped.

Custom order your Sweetheart Wristlet here for $220.

Lastly, we have the Sweet Tart Bag, a celebration of sass and sweetness. The Sweet Tart handbag is a cheeky way for anyone to wear their heart on their sleeve while holding more items than the Sweetheart. With a roomier interior, there is plenty of space for your phone, wallet, keys, and any other small items you may need for your outing. The Sweet Tart has gained popularity among Fado Made Co. customers due to its quirky and bold design. This style is categorized as a strip-constructed handbag, similar to the structure of the Sweetheart. However, the distinctive feature of the Sweet Tart is its curved bottom, deviating from the angular heart-shaped front and back characteristic of the Sweetheart. The Sweet Tart features two leather handles with a handle drop of about 4.5” for plenty of room if you want to let it hang from your forearm rather than your hand.

Ready to buy a Sweet Tart? We have two color options, Avocado Green and Light Blue, ready for immediate shipping. The Avocado option has a light pink YKK zipper, white leather cord stitching, light blue top, white bottom, and turquoise handles. This specific style and colorway is regularly priced at $314, but now on sale for 30% off! The second ready-to-ship and on-sale option is Light Blue with a dark green YKK zipper, pink leather cord stitching, light pink top, periwinkle purple bottom, and avocado green handles.

If you would like to customize the Sweet Tart, don’t fret we can accommodate your needs! Check out our Custom Sweet Tart listing— once your order is placed, you will be contacted by our team by email to help you pick your colors and bring your dream bag to life.

The Sweet Tart is currently available in three options:
Avocado – usually $314, on sale for $219.80
Light Blue – usually $314, on sale for $219.80
Custom – $320

With the popularity of heart-shaped accessories continuing to grow, you can expect Fado Made Co. to offer these styles for years to come and the possibility of additional heart-shaped styles to be available. As always, if you would like to speak with our founder/designer, Jamie, please send an email to jamie@fadomadeco.com. If you would like to inquire about a custom order for a new style, please fill out this form for Jamie to reach out to you and get your order started. For new styles, we now require a $75 starting fee to cover the costs of creating the necessary new patterns for your special accessory.

Sending love to all, thank you for reading and for being a part of Fado Made’s client base, one that continues to grow. Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day!
— Jamie 💕

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