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Even if you do not consider yourself fashionable, I think it is safe to say that any accessory you carry was picked out with intention, whether it was chosen out of convenience or enjoyment. Fashion accessories are some of the most personal objects we use regularly, and I believe they tell a story of our lives without verbally saying anything. For this reason, I love fulfilling custom orders because I am allowed the opportunity to bring your dream accessories to life— if you want a simple wallet, a handbag for everyday use, a special occasion clutch, a belt to wear with your favorite jeans, or a one-of-a-kind pair of sandals. Fado Made is here to make exactly what you are looking for, from the bold and vibrant to the more subtle and neutral.

Until now, custom orders have been Fado Made’s bread and butter. When I rebranded and restarted Fado Made in August 2020, I made custom orders my focus after a few years of making a considerable amount of inventory and being left feeling defeated during markets after hearing customers say, “I could buy this at (insert big box store here) for much less.” Granted, the people who said such comments were not ever going to be my ideal customer, but it made me think about what it takes for someone to want to spend a little more money on a leather good. At the same time, I also was reminded of the people who had asked me about custom orders because they wanted something particular but did not know where to find it.

Yes, Fado Made products can be pricey, but what you get when you purchase something from me is more exceptional than what you would find at a bargain retail store. In every Fado Made accessory, the price includes my ten years of experience working with leather, meticulousness, durability, uniqueness, quality materials, and a guarantee to last a lifetime. Plus, when you support Fado Made, you contribute to a 100% woman-owned slow fashion business in the United States.

The custom order process can be particular, but I try to make it as pain-free as possible. The tediousness of placing a custom order only comes from the extensive attention to detail I strive to include in every item to guarantee that it is precisely what you want. In custom orders, you can choose a style found in the STYLES section of the website or order something entirely new and distinctive. This process also includes research on my end for leathers that I believe will suit your order specifically, based on your wishes. With the leather selection also comes your choice for hardware (if applicable) in terms of finish and types. Hardware can include magnetic snaps, turn or tuck locks, D/O/rectangular rings, swivel snaps, etc. There is so much possibility in these small details (and the bigger ones, of course).

I love using leather in accessories for many reasons; it ages gracefully over time, breaks in with use, is a substantial material, and smells rather pleasant. Leather is a versatile material with endless options of different finishes, thicknesses, colors, textures, and patterns. Leather’s adaptability is what I love most about it, plus the fact that there are so many options ensures that there is something out there that I am sure you will fall in love with.

For those who want a Fado Made accessory but do not like wearing leather, I am more than willing to work with you! Currently, I can offer cork materials as a leather alternative, but I am also looking for other options for more variety. With cork, the prices are comparable to leather for the materials are about the same price, the amount of work time remains consistent, and the same level of accuracy is still intact.

For new styles drawn up through custom orders, I love to name the design after the person who first commissioned it with their permission.  I want to make the custom ordering process considerably more meaningful for everyone. These styles can be found in the Namesake Handbag collection. Keep an eye out for standardized customization of staple items that will hopefully roll out soon! Thank you for your continued support and patience as I continue to navigate running Fado Made full-time on my own. There has been a lot that I have done, and there is still more to do… in the meantime, if you are ready to reach out to place an order, please fill out the form found here.

Until next time 💜

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