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Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny that 90s and early 2000s fashion is back, and with that, so is the fanny pack/belt bag. Though its purpose is the same, the fanny pack of 2023 is much different from the one I remember carrying with me in the mid-‘90s when I was a kid.

I have some short yet vivid memories of using my trusty fanny pack when I was about five years old. From what I remember, I believe it was made out of a royal blue cotton canvas with an embroidered mermaid; who had hair made out of long strands of brown yarn. It was my go-to accessory when my parents brought me on mini summer trips or to the pool. I’m not sure how long I had that fanny pack, and I’m certainly not sure what 5-year-old me would have needed a fanny pack for (maybe to stash some watermelon Lip Smackers or butterfly clips?) though I sure felt more grown up when wearing it.

Cut to April 2021, when my husband and I were preparing and looking forward to my first international trip to Colombia. At the time, a particular athletic clothing brand was selling a fanny-pack/sling bag-inspired handbag, and I immediately wanted to make my own to take on our upcoming trip. The fanny pack and sling bag idea were nothing new; like everything, things tend to come back around eventually. As I mentioned earlier, fanny packs made a big comeback in the 90s, and sling bags have been around for centuries for foraging and hunting. I thought this style would be the perfect traveling companion for me as it would keep my belongings close and allow me easy access to them; plus, it’s hands-free, out-of-the-way, and pretty cute to boot.

For the first Cross Your Heart Bag, I made it with a fixed-length strap, fastened it with a side release buckle, used a tuck-lock to close the flap, and attached the straps to the main body of the purse with D-rings. After fourteen days of using the bag through a few airports, in taxis, and walking around Cartagena, Colombia, I concluded that I loved the convenience of just throwing it across my chest but also realized how much more versatile adjustable straps would be for it could be worn more than one way.

Today, the Cross your Heart Bag is made a little differently. Instead of D-rings to attach the straps, leather wings are used to add a more modern and sleek touch. The fixed-length straps have also been replaced with adjustable stitch-enforced ones that are long enough to be worn comfortably as a crossbody at your chest/back/side, strapped around your waist, or around your hips through your belt loops if you would like. However you want to wear your Cross Your Heart Bag, you can choose to customize your hardware to either a side-release buckle or belt buckle.

The “cross your heart” name comes not just from one of the ways you can wear your bag but also from the saying “cross my heart…” to emphasize that this handbag promises to hold your belongings securely. Today, I still feel more like a grown-up while wearing my Cross Your Heart Bag, especially from the addition of my wallet, phone, and keys, but my five-year-old self is still there, as I make sure to keep my chapstick and hair clips handy. I hope that our Cross Your Heart Bag will offer you a bit of comfort through its fit and the element of nostalgia while wearing it. The dimensions of the handbag are 7” x 4.5” x 2” with 34” and 15.5” adjustable straps. The Cross Your Heart Bag runs at $185 plus tax and shipping. Currently, in the shop, you will find five different colors and variations to choose from; white, black, turquoise, green, and multi-floral.

Keep reading for more details on each one…

Cross Your Heart Bag in White:

  • Croc-embossed cowhide in white with gold specks
  • Brushed brass turn lock and belt buckle
  • Turquoise croc-embossed wings
  • Turquoise stitching

Cross Your Heart Bag in Black:

  • Top-grain black leather
  • Matching black wings
  • Gold flip lock and belt buckle
  • Black lacing and stitching

Cross Your Heart Bag in Green: 

  • Moss-green croc-embossed cowhide
  • Navy woven-embossed wings
  • Gold flip lock and belt buckle
  • Naturally dyed navy lacing

Cross Your Heart Bag in Turquoise: 

  • Turquoise croc-embossed cowhide
  • Mustard yellow woven-embossed leather wings
  • Gold flip lock with a matching belt buckle
  • Natural non-dyed lacing

Cross Your Heart Bag in Multi-Floral:

  • Vibrant watercolor floral printed front/back/and flap
  • Mustard yellow woven-embossed cowhide as the sides and bottom gussets
  • Brushed brass hardware turn lock, D-ring strap attachments, and side release buckle
  • Royal blue lacing, plus some natural non-dyed lacing accents

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