Hi! I’m Jamie, and I’d love to tell you a little about my company, Fado Made. To start, I’ll answer a question you may be asking, “Where does the name Fado come from?” Though you may know the word Fado from the genre of Portuguese music and dance, Fado for me is my middle name, and comes from my mom’s Italian side of the family. With a unique name, I have set out to offer a unique choice for fashion accessories.

Where I started…

As a kid, I was always the quiet creative type. I would engross myself in my coloring books, took art classes, and danced for about 20 years. So, it is no surprise that I would want to be creative in my career.

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey at the age of fourteen when I discovered my passion for fashion. Engrossed in this newfound love, I began designing clothes and learning the art of knitting. With knitting, I was inspired to sell hats and scarves to friends, and family, plus at various local markets near my hometown Sandy Hook, Connecticut under the name Knits by Fado.

Fueling my passion for fashion and design, I was very fortunate to attend the Footwear and Accessories Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). During my time at FIT, I honed my skills in working with leather, designing fashion accessories, pricing my creations, and crafting belts, handbags, and shoes. Ultimately, I earned my degree and combined my expertise in knitwear with my newfound knowledge of leatherwork to turn Knits by Fado into Fado Creations. Simultaneously, I worked part-time jobs to support the growth of my business and also obtained a 200-hour certification as a yoga teacher.

Then, in 2016, an exciting job opportunity led my husband and me to relocate to Knoxville, Tennessee. My primary objective was to transition Fado Creations from New England to the vibrant South. However, after a year of navigating through trials, homesickness, and various challenges, I made the difficult decision to temporarily set aside my accessories business. Instead, I devoted my energy to teaching yoga full-time, prioritizing my mental well-being, expanding my social circle, and establishing myself in this new environment.

How Fado Made came to be…

In 2020, I was eager for a fresh start and transformed Fado Creations into Fado Made. With this new beginning, I set out on a mission to deliver tailor-made, expertly crafted leather products that exude a timeless vintage charm.

Here, you will find love for color, texture, uniqueness, boldness, and fun!

Fado Made firmly believes in the transformative power of accessories to elevate any outfit. Our collection of handbags exudes a seamless blend of structure, sleekness, and sophistication, paying homage to the timeless box bag purse introduced in the 1930s. By combining retro aesthetics with contemporary shapes, patterns, and design elements, Fado Made accessories effortlessly marry vintage charm with a modern twist.
You know a Fado Made accessory based on its signature hand-stitching.

I pride my work on my attention to detail and every item I make is made with love and good intentions. My promise to you is that your Fado Made accessories will last, that is why I back everything with a lifetime guarantee. ♥